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Our company was registered ZGR LED & Neon  Reklám Kft.

The Company is 100% hungarian and private. It’s a leader of an advertisement manufacturers’ group, with Budapest Centre.

ZGR Reklám Kft. is responsible for the production, outside installation, guarantees and maintenance services of lighting and non-lighting advertising surfaces, neon-labels, LED-displayes, information systems – matching to unique appearances.

Complex services from designing to the on-site-construction.

Fast, accurate, reliable, affordable prices.



To acquire a market-leader position in a short-time, with providing quality works and gain high-level customer satisfaction.


We believe in the necessity of advertising. We are among those ones, who believe in that: advertising products make the Dealer and the Manufacturer well-known and also encourage the Customer for purchasing.


„The business is a 24-hour guard. Well, in every moment we should play our best ever. If there is a little relaxation – the customer who just arrives would judge us on

that very moment…(Wolf Gábor)

                                                                                            / Wolf Gábor /


All our products are ISO 9001 quality management system is prepared under the supervision of, and install. We have made ​​and seconded, respectively. equipment in the structural elements, surface treatment of the full 5 year warranty, which does not apply to intentional damage, respectively. natural disaster. The high-voltage lighting system in addition to other lighting solutions (fluorescent, halogen light bulbs, low-voltage systems, etc), we can not assume warranty. The life expectancy of the lighting element is estimated from data supplied by the manufacturer. M2530L127 illuminated advertisings, DO228UO39 no. tan. According to the CE mark on well-founded. We manufacture electric shock advertising equipment

and installation with a standard measurement protocol.



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